Hair Treatment in Salon Services - take home treatments also available.

Beautiful hair is a never ending quest. We scoured and tested the list of top salon hair treatments that can restore the body, shine and improve the health of your locks instantly. Here’s our list of salon hair treatment services that repair damaged hair and the scalp

Toning Treatment

Toning treatments are used to correct the color of the hair. Perhaps your blonde got a little too golden once the foils were removed, or your red has faded as all reds do, a toning treatment can be applied after the initial color service to perfect your hair color, or in-between a full color service as maintenance. Usually applied at the shampoo bowl, a toning treatment is left on the hair anywhere from 15-20 minutes and then rinsed to perfection. Always ensure you are using a Colour / Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to protect your colour and reduce fading.

Moisture Treatment - Coming Soon

Resurrect dry and parched tresses with a moisture protein treatment. The creme de la creme deep conditioning treatment, a quality moisture treatment can fix common hair woes such as lack of shine and split ends. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 is a popular repairing treatment that is massaged into the hair during a luxurious and relaxing service and can be added to the cost of your weekly blowout.

It’s best for parched, overprocessed, heat damaged and desperate hair that needs a little (or a lot) of love. Add a moisture treatment to your next coloring service and your hair will thank you.

Keratin / Brazilian Blow Out

Want to fight the battle of frizzy hair and win? Keratin Complex has been a popular hair smoothing service for over ten years and can deliver smooth results for many weeks. Also known as the popular Brazilian Blowout, relaxers and keratin treatments can transform hair from curly to straight. This treatment will last until your hair grows out, and then it is back to the salon for another application.

Keratin treatments are ideal if you have curly or frizzy hair that just won’t quit and you want smooth results with just q quick once over with your flat iron and styling products at home.

We include take home maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner with this treatment.

Hot Oil Treatment
- Coming Soon

Hot oil treatments provide instant shine and seal the cuticle, resulting in silky hair that feels nourished and smooth. Typically left on the hair for about 12-20 minutes and then rinsed out, this professional salon hair treatment can do wonders for dry hair and damaged hair in no time flat.

It’s best for dry and colored hair types benefit from hot oil treatments. How long you leave them on, how frequently, and how much you apply all depends on the hair’s health.

Scalp Treatment

If a dry and itchy scalp is one of your hair woes, an in salon scalp treatment can be a beneficial service that not only feels wonderful, it can substantially correct the scalp oil production and improve hair growth.

Whether your fine hair is weighed down by an oily scalp or prone to flaky patches, a healthy scalp is essential if you want healthy hair. A scalp facial is a growing Japanese trend that is becoming widely popular due to the results of improved scalp skin.  

It’s ideal for everyone. Scalp scrubs and serums are the new skin care for hair.

Detox Treatment

Detox hair treatments get rid of the buildup on the hair shaft that results from too much product usage or chemicals such as chlorine. By clarifying the hair shaft, a detox treatment improves the health of the hair and scalp and can stimulate hair growth.

Build up is a dirty word and we all have it. Detox treatments will cleanse your tresses and add body while removing the impurities that make it lackluster. If you use many styling products or tend to skip the shampoo several times a week, a detox treatment is for you.